arrow-validation / arrow.validation.refinedTypes.numeric

Package arrow.validation.refinedTypes.numeric


EitherGreater interface EitherGreater<A : Number> : Greater<EitherPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
EitherGreaterEqual interface EitherGreaterEqual<A : Number> : GreaterEqual<EitherPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
EitherLess interface EitherLess<A : Number> : Less<EitherPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
EitherLessEqual interface EitherLessEqual<A : Number> : LessEqual<EitherPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
EitherNegative interface EitherNegative<A : Number> : Negative<EitherPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
EitherNonNegative interface EitherNonNegative<A : Number> : NonNegative<EitherPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
EitherNonPositive interface EitherNonPositive<A : Number> : NonPositive<EitherPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
EitherNonZero interface EitherNonZero<A : Number> : NonZero<EitherPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
EitherPositive interface EitherPositive<A : Number> : Positive<EitherPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
Greater Greater defines a subset of Numbers wich are greater than min.interface Greater<F, A : Number> : Refinement<F, A>
GreaterEqual GreaterEqual defines a subset of Numbers which are greater or equal than mininterface GreaterEqual<F, A : Number> : Refinement<F, A>
Less Less defines a subset of Numbers which are less than maxinterface Less<F, A : Number> : Refinement<F, A>
LessEqual LessEqual defines a subset of Numbers which are less or equal than maxinterface LessEqual<F, A : Number> : Refinement<F, A>
Negative Negative defines a subset of all negative Numbers (this is x < 0)interface Negative<F, A : Number> : Refinement<F, A>
NonNegative NonNegative defines a subset of all Numbers which are non negative (this is x >= 0)interface NonNegative<F, A : Number> : Refinement<F, A>
NonPositive NonPositive defines a subset of all numbers which are non positive (this is x <= 0)interface NonPositive<F, A : Number> : Refinement<F, A>
NonZero NonZero defines a subset of Numbers which are not 0interface NonZero<F, A : Number> : Refinement<F, A>
Positive Positive defines a subset of all numbers which are positive (this is x > 0)interface Positive<F, A : Number> : Refinement<F, A>
ValidatedGreater interface ValidatedGreater<A : Number> : Greater<ValidatedPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
ValidatedGreaterEqual interface ValidatedGreaterEqual<A : Number> : GreaterEqual<ValidatedPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
ValidatedLess interface ValidatedLess<A : Number> : Less<ValidatedPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
ValidatedLessEqual interface ValidatedLessEqual<A : Number> : LessEqual<ValidatedPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
ValidatedNegative interface ValidatedNegative<A : Number> : Negative<ValidatedPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
ValidatedNonNegative interface ValidatedNonNegative<A : Number> : NonNegative<ValidatedPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
ValidatedNonPositive interface ValidatedNonPositive<A : Number> : NonPositive<ValidatedPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
ValidatedNonZero interface ValidatedNonZero<A : Number> : NonZero<ValidatedPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>
ValidatedPositive interface ValidatedPositive<A : Number> : Positive<ValidatedPartialOf<Nel<RefinedPredicateException>>, A>


zero fun <A : Number> zero(): A

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