arrow-streams / arrow.streams.internal / arrow.Kind

Extensions for arrow.Kind

ap Given a function ff in the context of FreeC, applies the <F, A, B> FreeCOf<F, A>.ap(ff: Kind<FreeCPartialOf<F>, (A) -> B>): Kind<FreeCPartialOf<F>, B>
bracketCase fun <F, A, B> FreeCOf<F, A>.bracketCase(use: (A) -> FreeCOf<F, B>, release: (A, ExitCase<Throwable>) -> FreeCOf<F, Unit>): FreeC<F, B>
fix fun <F, R> FreeCOf<F, R>.fix(): FreeC<F, R>
foldMap Catamorphism for <M, S, A> FreeCOf<S, A>.foldMap(f: FunctionK<S, M>, MM: MonadError<M, Throwable>): Kind<M, Option<A>>
handleErrorWith Handle any error, potentially recovering from it, by mapping it to a FreeCOf value by <F, R> FreeCOf<F, R>.handleErrorWith(h: (Throwable) -> FreeCOf<F, R>): FreeC<F, R>
run Runs a FreeC structure with MonadError in context of <F, R> FreeCOf<F, R>.run(ME: MonadError<F, Throwable>): Kind<F, Option<R>>
transform Transform both the context F and value <F, G, A, B> FreeCOf<F, A>.transform(f: (A) -> B, fs: FunctionK<F, G>): FreeC<G, B>
transformWith Transform FreeC while being able to inspect the Result <F, R, R2> FreeCOf<F, R>.transformWith(f: (Result<R>) -> FreeC<F, R2>): FreeC<F, R2>

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