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Package arrow.optics.extensions


EitherEach Each instance for Either that has focus in each Either.Right.interface EitherEach<L, R> : Each<Either<L, R>, R>
filterMapIndex FilterIndex instance definition for Map.interface filterMapIndex<K, V> : FilterIndex<Map<K, V>, K, V>
ListCons Cons instance definition for List.interface ListCons<A> : Cons<List<A>, A>
ListEach Each instance definition for List that summons a Traversal to focus in each A of the source List.interface ListEach<A> : Each<List<A>, A>
ListFilterIndex FilterIndex instance definition for List.interface ListFilterIndex<A> : FilterIndex<List<A>, Int, A>
ListIndex Index instance definition for List.interface ListIndex<A> : Index<List<A>, Int, A>
ListKCons Cons instance definition for ListK.interface ListKCons<A> : Cons<ListK<A>, A>
ListKEach Each instance definition for ListK.interface ListKEach<A> : Each<ListK<A>, A>
ListKFilterIndex FilterIndex instance definition for ListK.interface ListKFilterIndex<A> : FilterIndex<ListK<A>, Int, A>
ListKIndex Index instance definition for ListK.interface ListKIndex<A> : Index<ListK<A>, Int, A>
ListKSnoc Snoc instance definition for ListK.interface ListKSnoc<A> : Snoc<ListK<A>, A>
ListSnoc Snoc instance definition for List.interface ListSnoc<A> : Snoc<List<A>, A>
ListTraversal Traversal for List that focuses in each A of the source List.interface ListTraversal<A> : Traversal<List<A>, A>
MapAt At instance definition for Map.interface MapAt<K, V> : At<Map<K, V>, K, Option<V>>
MapEach Each instance definition for Map.interface MapEach<K, V> : Each<Map<K, V>, V>
MapIndex Index instance definition for Map.interface MapIndex<K, V> : Index<Map<K, V>, K, V>
MapKAt At instance definition for MapK.interface MapKAt<K, V> : At<MapK<K, V>, K, Option<V>>
MapKEach Each instance definition for Map.interface MapKEach<K, V> : Each<MapK<K, V>, V>
MapKFilterIndex FilterIndex instance definition for Map.interface MapKFilterIndex<K, V> : FilterIndex<MapK<K, V>, K, V>
MapKIndex Index instance definition for Map.interface MapKIndex<K, V> : Index<MapK<K, V>, K, V>
MapTraversal Traversal for Map that focuses in each V of the source Map.interface MapTraversal<K, V> : Traversal<Map<K, V>, V>
NonEmptyListEach Each instance definition for NonEmptyList.interface NonEmptyListEach<A> : Each<NonEmptyList<A>, A>
NonEmptyListFilterIndex FilterIndex instance definition for NonEmptyList.interface NonEmptyListFilterIndex<A> : FilterIndex<NonEmptyList<A>, Int, A>
NonEmptyListIndex Index instance definition for NonEmptyList.interface NonEmptyListIndex<A> : Index<NonEmptyList<A>, Int, A>
OptionEach Each instance definition for Option.interface OptionEach<A> : Each<Option<A>, A>
SequenceKEach Each instance definition for SequenceK.interface SequenceKEach<A> : Each<SequenceK<A>, A>
SequenceKFilterIndex FilterIndex instance definition for SequenceK.interface SequenceKFilterIndex<A> : FilterIndex<SequenceK<A>, Int, A>
SequenceKIndex Index instance definition for SequenceK.interface SequenceKIndex<A> : Index<SequenceK<A>, Int, A>
SetAt At instance definition for Set.interface SetAt<A> : At<Set<A>, A, Boolean>
SetKAt At instance definition for SetK.interface SetKAt<A> : At<SetK<A>, A, Boolean>
StringCons interface StringCons : Cons<String, Char>
StringEach Each instance for String.interface StringEach : Each<String, Char>
StringFilterIndex FilterIndex instance for String. It allows filtering of every Char in a String by its index’s position.interface StringFilterIndex : FilterIndex<String, Int, Char>
StringIndex Index instance for String. It allows access to every Char in a String by its index’s position.interface StringIndex : Index<String, Int, Char>
StringSnoc interface StringSnoc : Snoc<String, Char>
TryEach interface ~~TryEach~~<A> : Each<Try<A>, A>

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