arrow-effects-data / arrow.effects.internal / Platform


object Platform


ArrayStack class ArrayStack<A>


maxStackDepthSize const val maxStackDepthSize: Int
Establishes the maximum stack depth for IO#map operations.


composeErrors fun composeErrors(first: Throwable, vararg rest: Throwable): Throwable
fun composeErrors(first: Throwable, rest: List<Throwable>): Throwable
Composes multiple errors together, meant for those cases in which error suppression, due to a second error being triggered, is not acceptable.
onceOnly fun <A> onceOnly(f: (A) -> Unit): (A) -> Unit
fun <F, A> onceOnly(conn: KindConnection<F>, f: (A) -> Unit): (A) -> Unit
trampoline fun trampoline(f: () -> Unit): Unit
unsafeResync fun <A> unsafeResync(ioa: IO<A>, limit: Duration): Option<A>

Extension Functions

liftIO fun <A> A.liftIO(): IO<A>