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interface MonadCombine<F> : MonadFilter<F>, Alternative<F>


separate Separate the inner foldable values into the “lefts” and “rights”.open fun <G, A, B> Kind<F, Kind2<G, A, B>>.separate(BFG: Bifoldable<G>): Tuple2<Kind<F, A>, Kind<F, B>>
unite Fold over the inner structure to combine all of the values with our combineK method inherited from MonoidK. The result is for us to accumulate all of the “interesting” values of the inner G, so if G is Option, we collect all the Some values, if G is Either, we collect all the Right values, fun <G, A> Kind<F, Kind<G, A>>.unite(FG: Foldable<G>): Kind<F, A>

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