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interface Select<F>

select allows obtaining and transforming data from any data source containing A given a function (A) -> B where A denotes the input type and B the transformed type.

Select represents a selection of data from a given data source. The underlying implementation delegates directly to the functor instance and continues the fluid builder or infix style expression


functor abstract fun functor(): Functor<F>
query open infix fun <A, Z> Source<F, A>.query(f: Source<F, A>.() -> Z): Z
select Commented method or classopen infix fun <A, Z> Source<F, A>.select(f: Selection<A, Z>): Query<F, A, Z>
selectAll open fun <A> Source<F, A>.selectAll(): Query<F, A, A>
value open fun <A, Z> Query<F, A, Z>.value(): Source<F, Z>


EitherSelect interface EitherSelect<L> : Select<EitherPartialOf<L>>
EvalSelect interface EvalSelect : Select<ForEval>
Function0Select interface Function0Select : Select<ForFunction0>
IdSelect interface IdSelect : Select<ForId>
ListSelect interface ListSelect : Select<ForListK>
NonEmptyListSelect interface NonEmptyListSelect : Select<ForNonEmptyList>
OptionSelect interface OptionSelect : Select<ForOption>
SequenceSelect interface SequenceSelect : Select<ForSequenceK>
TrySelect interface ~~TrySelect~~ : Select<ForTry>

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